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A Unique Alternative to the Standard Baby Shower Gift - Diaper Cakes

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"The baby shower was months ago, but the office is still abuzz about the baby diaper cake centerpiece." An amazing gift to give an expectant mother is a diaper cake.

The cake can be designed to match any baby shower theme. The ribbon, flowers and bows can be selected to coordinate with any baby shower.

With more and more expectant moms focusing on optimal nutrition during their pregnancies, a diaper cake makes a great alternative to the sugar and lard laden bakery cake that is at most baby showers. As the host you can present the diaper cake on the goody table with healthful alternatives to the sugary choices that most obstetricians forbid mothers from indulging in. A diaper cake is the perfect choice for the diabetic mom. She gets the beauty and creativity of a cake, but not the high glucose levels.

The real treat comes when the new mom gets to take apart the diaper cake and see all of the useful items that were tucked away inside. Some diaper cakes boast things like bottles, rattles, baby blankets and toys. Other great diaper cake treasures are gift certificates to the new parents’ favorite restaurants. The diaper cake giver could even sneak in the cake a few movie tickets for the expectant parents to enjoy before the baby arrives. More help bakery halal

Another way to view the unique gift of a baby diaper cake is to see it as a Baby Supply Jump Start Package that will surely leave a lasting impression on the new mom, the gracious host and the rest of the baby shower guests.

Diaper cakes come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from 2 – 4 tiered cakes. Some diaper cakes come with each individual diaper rolled into a cylinder and then each of the cylinders are then banded together to construct the cake. Another construction method is to take the baby diapers and wrap them over each other forming a large cylinder. Many times a baby bottle or a sturdy cardboard tube is used as the center of the diaper cake. One of the latest trends in diaper cake construction is baby diaper cupcake. These mini-cakes are made to match each other and then the gift giver or baby shower hostess can have a variety of ways of displaying the mini-cakes. Some creative diaper cake artists are making diaper mini-cakes into the shapes of animals and other cute objects, such as high heeled shoes or purses.


Using Icing Photos for Special Occasion Cakes

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Icing photos are basically edible images that can be easily printed out and can be used as cake decoration. This new idea has become quite popular and is used throughout the world for birthday parties for kids, weddings, business inaugurations and even for anniversaries. For several busy moms, using these easy and fast cake decorations is a big blessing when they don't have much time to prepare for a party. You can turn an ordinary bakery cake into something very personal and specialized by using these images on them.

Save Money and Time

Using icing photos on cakes can save you a lot of money and time. Using the latest technology, these images today are available in various designs on the internet. You will be able to order them whenever you want and they will be delivered right at your doorstep. You will be able to use them for that special celebration cake. You will not have to worry about visiting several stores to find them and you will never even have to leave home. You can place your order from home and get it delivered at your doorstep without having to spend too much. Know more here bakery halal

Available in Various Designs

Icing photos are available in a wide range of designs for every occasion. It can be a great option for those who don't have too much time for decorating the cake. The cake will look spectacular with just the image on it. Since theme parties have become the recent trend, you will be able to find just about any theme image you want on the internet. You can find thousands of these designs on the internet like Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, Tom and Jerry and Spiderman. With so many choices available, you will definitely find something you like.

Completely Edible

These images are completely safe to consume. Every sheet is basically a very thin sheet of white icing and is made with all edible substances like cornstarch, cellulose, water, oil, sugar, gum Arabic etc. The sheet is then fixed on a backing sheet so that it can be passed through printers and can be handled easily. When the photo has been printed and has completely dried off, it can be pulled off from its backing and can be fixed on top of the cake for a truly delightful effect.




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